Newsletter – January 2020

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We will be Closed Wednesday, January 1st. We will be open Tuesday, December 31st 8:30-1:00 and 3:00-5:30.


New Medicare cards have been or are being issued with new patient I.D. numbers. If we do not have the most up to date version of your insurance card your claims will not be processed by Medicare. Please have the office make a copy of your card if you are unsure if we have the most recent version.





Arthritis is a word that we hear more about nearly every day. It is a disorder that is very concerning for many people throughout the world. As chiropractors we treat many patients for arthritis and its disabling effects.

What causes arthritis?

The cause depends on the type of arthritis. Let’s focus on osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by joint disfunction. It is NOT caused by old age. It develops in joints that are no longer articulating properly. If it was truly a dis-ease of “old age” you would get the same amount of arthritis in all your joints. Why do I say that? Aren’t all your joints the same age?

That is good news for all our patients at Baker Borski Chiropractic. Corrective care-plans followed by consistent wellness adjustments can stop osteoarthritis in its tracks! That’s right! When normal joint function is restored osteoarthritis STOPS!

At Baker Borski Chiropractic we are committed to you and your whole-body health. Together let us first start with you, our patients, in restoring your proper joint function and eliminating the progression of osteoarthritis.

Please help Dr. Baker and Dr. Borski in helping stop the progression of osteoarthritis in your family, friends and co-workers. Ask the Doctors or staff how you can share the gift of proper joint functions with all of those you care about.

Standard Process Detox and Purification Challenge

Kick-start healthy habits this January.

The challenge begins January 6, 2020; however, it is not too late to start now!

Standard Process is partnering with providers everywhere to promote great detox program! For more information on how our patients can participate talk with Dr. Baker, Dr. Borski or Dr. Devine.

Choose Between Two Programs
for Detoxification: SP Detox Balance™ Program or Purification Program

You’re exposed to toxins every day, which can overburden your body’s natural ability to detoxify.

At Standard Process we’re kicking off 2020 with the exciting SP Detox and Purification Challenge – a transition to a new, healthy way of living in the new year.

Each program, when purchased, is combined with a guided meal plan full of whole food recipes and whole food-based supplements.

28-Day Detoxification Program

  • 28-day program

  • Option of SP Detox Balance or SP Detox Balance– Chai 

  • Balanced, safe, and effective nutritional support for all three phases of detoxification*

  • Tasty, all-in-one shake (depending on the day, you will drink one, two or three nutrient-packed SP Detox Balance shakes)

  • Includes basic meal, hydration and exercise plan

21-Day Purification Program

  • Purify, nourish and maintain a healthy body and weight*

  • Includes a variety of supplements taken daily, including a nutritional shake that offers essential whole food nutrition – available in original, dairy-free, chocolate, or vanilla

  • Meal plan provided including a variety of vegetables and fruits for the first 10 days

  • With select proteins added on day 11


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

As a member, you will receive:

  • Daily inspirational emails

  • Access to Facebook groups: share progress, recipes, encouragement, and much more

  • An opportunity to enter and win prizes

Three Lucky Participants Will Also Win Prizes!

For your chance to win, complete the challenge then tell us how the detoxification program impacted your life.

Grand Prize: Trip for you and your guest to Wisconsin for a two-day wellness retreat and tour of the Standard Process certified organic farm.

Second Place Prize: Royal Lee Organics by Standard Process Flour Mill & assorted grains.

Third Place Prize: Vitamix® 5200 Standard Blender