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Congratulations to our grill winner: Wendi L. !

July is National Grilling Month

Celebrate with this great recipe from

Grilled cabbage “steaks”


1 head of cabbage, cut into ½” thick rounds

Extra-virgin olive oil, for brushing

Pinch crushed red pepper flakes

Chopped cooked bacon, for serving

Crumbled blue cheese, for serving

Freshly chopped scallions, for serving

Ranch, for serving


  1. Heat grill over medium-high heat. Brush cabbage steaks on both sides with oil and season with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Place on grill and cook until tender, about 5 minutes per side.
  1. Top with bacon, blue cheese, scallions and drizzle with ranch before serving.

Condition of the Month

Headaches and Posture

Have you ever glanced at your reflection in a storefront window or mirror as you walked by and noticed your posture? Scary, isn’t it? We all know that we should stand up straight but we soon forget when we get busy and stop thinking about it.

Poor posture is often started with years of standing slouched and this bad “habit” usually starts at a young age. Just look around when you’re in an airport or shopping mall and notice the many people with poor posture. In fact, people’s posture may reflect their attitude- if they’re happy, sad or depressed. Poor posture may be related to self consciousness, especially during adolescence. It is also genetic as we frequently see a “trait” throughout family members with similar postural tendencies.

How are posture and headaches related? A forward head posture pulls the neck forward and your approximately 12 pound head now weighs much more. This looks like the head is in front of the shoulders and the back is rounded forward when you look at a person from the side. Every inch the head moves forward the more it pulls or weighs on the muscles in the back of the neck and shoulders. This results in Cervicogenic Headaches- basically, your neck hurts due to the heavy constant pulling and the result is a headache and neck ache that gets worse towards the end of the day.

Prevention? First, you must maintain proper spinal alignment through Upper Cervical Adjustments. People often tell me they want to have better posture. The problem is that if you don’t fix the misaligned vertebra, the spine wants to stay in that same bad posture until corrected. When it’s corrected the body more easily accepts the proper posture which eliminates the headaches. One exercise that helps reduce this postural bad habit is tucking in the chin and pretending a book is balancing on top of the head. The objective is to not allow the book to slide forward off your head and land on your toes!

It takes approximately 3 months of CONSTANT self-reminding before the new “good habit” posture becomes automatic, so be patient. Soon you’ll catch yourself doing it right without thinking about it. If this sounds familiar, it’s because when we start a patient in this clinic, we talk about the 90 day minimum to see some lasting change. We can’t speed that process up, but we can work with it! And Chiropractors are the only doctors who look at posture in relationship to headaches!

You CAN Put Sunscreen on Babies Safely

Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship

When I was a mother of one child in 2006, the summer that he was just over one year old, he got breakfast, clothing, and (chemical) sunscreen every morning.

I cringe at the thought now that I know how sunscreen works, especially when applied so early before even getting into the sun (and we had a very shady yard! Ugh!). How times have changed.

It begs the question: Should babies under 6 months be in the sun at all? Should all the same rules apply to sunscreening their soft baby flesh like we do older children, or are there side effects to sun OR sunscreen that we need to consider???

In general, I wouldn’t really bother with sunscreen for an infant as I’d prefer to balance shade and a little bit of sun exposure for a healthy dose of Vitamin D – but if I couldn’t keep that baby skin out of the midday sun for whatever reason, maybe a boating trip, I’d like to know my options for safe sunscreens.

Consider this: almost all sunscreen (definitely all chemical sunscreen) states on the bottle that it’s not meant for children under six months old. That makes our job as parents of infants tricky when we want them to be safe in the sun!

I finally had an “aha!” moment in the midst of all the bottles and tubes of lotion when my cousin asked me if I had one that she could put on her then 3-month-old sonfor a trip around the lake on a boat.

Within seconds of pondering, it was clear to me that there were only two sunscreens I would choose for an infant. The active ingredient had to be zinc oxide, of course. Most of the ‘screens we were testing used either zinc or titanium dioxide as their active ingredients, and many relied on a mix of the two. Zinc oxide is the only one that has been tested to be safe on infants, however – it’s the same thing that makes most diaper creams both white and effective.

If you’re wondering whether a tube of sunscreen in your home would be safe for tiny babes, here are some recommendations to assess:

1.The only active ingredient should be zinc oxide.

2.The “other ingredients” should be things you recognize, not strange, long chemical names and especially not parabens.

3.There should be some antioxidants, the more the better: carrot oil, Vitamin E, green tea, sunflower oil, shea butter, and more. (Essential oils can be tricky for infants safety-wise, so I’d actually recommend none of those, just to be on the safe side.)

4.The zinc oxide needs to be NON NANO and UNCOATED. See more below.

The BEST Natural Sunscreens for Babies – the Only Ones I’d Ever Use Here are the ones I have reviewed the currently fit the bill, out of over 100 we’ve tried in the last decade:

  • Kabana, found online, at Amazon, or at Whole Foods
  • Raw Elements, which has a great stick for easy application and a tub that’s quick for busy parents to dip fingers into.
  • Badger Balm babykidsor the face stick, found at VitacostBadger onlinevarious stores including H-E-B, Wegman’s, MANY health foods stores including the Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and believe it or not – Cracker Barrel. Of course you can find almost all the versions on Amazon.
  • Butterbean Organic, which comes in a very convenient pump or tub. This is currently living in our diaper bag.
  • Adorable Baby, out of stock most places right now but SO good that I have to leave it in here in case it comes back! This one rubs in super clear, just shiny/greasy, which is not problem for babies. It should be available at Thrive Market.
  • Thinkbaby, which is very gentle and smells great. Don’t let the SPF 50 make you think baby should get a ton of sun, though – IMO it’s not any more protective than a 30 SPF, and Consumer Reports’ testing agreed. It’s over-rated as a 50, but still a good option for baby skin. Find it at Amazon or Thrive Market.
  • Original Sprout Face & Body, which isn’t in my TOP recommended in the main review, but mostly because I am not sure of its water resistance. But for babies, likely that’s not a huge issue. Find it on AmazonNote that it does contain alcohol which can be aggravating to sensitive skin and eczema.

Do NOT Use Spray Sunscreen on Babies!

It has to be said: even though there are now many natural spray sunscreens coming out with 100% zinc oxide as the active ingredient, you should never use sprays on babies. 

Babies can’t hold their breath, and their bodies are so tiny that it’s almost impossible to spray something on their arms and not hit their face in some way. You want to be totally in control when applying something to your baby’s skin.

Inhaling zinc oxide powder is a serious hazard. I wouldn’t really want my babies eating it off their hands either, although with something as pure as Kabana, as the Stanford-trained biochemist founder says, if you were stranded on a desert island, you could actually eat it.

Now that’s something that makes sense to all babies – eating something weird.

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