Newsletter – June 2019

June is National Safety Month

Welcome to the following New Patients!

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Out of the office:

The office will be closed from

June 13th – June 23rd.

We will reopen on Monday, June 24th with our normal hours. Due to the extended time off we highly recommend prescheduling an appointment before all spots are filled. We may not be able to guarantee same day appointments.


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Congrats to those who referred!

Congratulations to everyone who referred New Patients in during the month of May! We will be processing New Patients through the month of June. The drawing for the NEW GRILL will be announced and awarded at the end of this month to a current patient member that referred!!

Condition of the Month

Back Pain

At some point in their lives almost all individuals will suffer from back pain. In fact, in any given month, an astounding 43% of the population suffers from some form of back pain!

Back pain can be an acute or chronic condition- and it is often caused by accidents/sports injuries, strain, disease, normal wear and tear, genetics and even bad posture. Individuals who are more likely to suffer from back pain include pregnant women, smokers and people that lift heavy items regularly.

Back pain is the most common reason for seeking services of a chiropractor. More specifically, lower back pain is the most cited reason for seeing a chiropractor.

The treatment chiropractors perform; spinal adjustments, aligning vertebrae and improving spinal curves relieves stress on the associated discs, joints and nerves which helps alleviate back pain over time.


One of the most common causes of lower back pain is sciatica- a condition whereby the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body, becomes inflamed. The pain from this condition can vary from a constant throbbing pain to an intense knife-like pain to numbness or leg weakness.


Another cause of back pain is scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Scoliosis affects approximately 2% of the population and is more prevalent among females. It often worsens during normal growth spurts. As scoliosis does put excessive stress on the spine chiropractors can aid in relieving stress through specific spinal adjustments and alignment to reduce abnormal curves anywhere in the spine.

Upper Back Pain

Any pain felt between the bottom of the ribs and the bottom of the neck. Some causes of upper back pain include compression of the vertebra/nerve, rib misalignment, and spinal disc herniation.

Neck Pain

Neck problems are becoming more and more common these days due to “Tech Neck”. Adults and children spend more and more time on computers and phones with their heads/necks in a poor postural position. It is becoming common to see children who have lost the normal curvature in their necks due to this phenomenon. This means they will have arthritic changes and pain by the time they reach their 30’s; 30-40 yrs earlier than expected. Neck misalignment is also due to falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and birth trauma. This problem can lead to shoulder, arm/finger pain, numbness, and weakness.

June 16th!!

Chiropractic First

115 Americans die every day from OTC and prescription painkillers. Chiropractic is a clinically proven safe and effective solution for chronic pain. Choose to be in control. Choose Chiropractic First.

1 in 4

Become addicted to prescription pain pills.


Deaths and over


Hospitalized from NSAIDS

Hectic lifestyles can often lead to aches and pains. Don’t bandaid the situation by turning to over the counter pain medications.

Get to the source.

Choose Chiropractic First

Dear Baker Borski friends and family,

Unfortunately, opioid is a word that has become too common across the entire United States.  There is not a single community in Wisconsin that has not been negatively impacted by this epidemic.  You see and hear it on TV, radio and print media as an overwhelming problem without a real solution.

What if there was a viable solution to this epidemic?  Shouldn’t each community become educated so that they are at least aware of viable alternatives and potential solutions to this crisis?

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has developed a very unique approach through education and awareness with their “Dose of Reality” program.  Many healthcare organizations, including the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin (CSW), have joined the AG’s program and pledged to assist in the education of all Wisconsin citizens.

As a member of the Wausau community for 21 years, we care about our community and will be volunteering our time to help with the education of our citizens.

The Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin has researched the issue and created educational programs and videos to assist with community education.  As members of this organization, we are able to bring those educational programs to Wausau.  We’ve included two links to brief videos that were created by the CSW and utilized nationally to help educate the public as to effective solutions to the opioid epidemic.

Video 1: The Cost of Prescription Painkillers –

Video 2: The Painful Truth –

We look forward to connecting with you and your civic organization for an opportunity to provide a short presentation, which can be done with a “lunch and learn” format, at your earliest opportunity.

We look forward to opening a dialogue and working together to help in solving this devastating problem for the Wausau area.